Lee Willows: 
"ESG Gaming will continue my journey of learning"

Lee Willows’ decision to step down as CEO of YGAM, the charity that he founded, took some of the gambling industry by surprise. In his first interview since stepping back he reflects on the journey he ended with YGAM and the one he is embarking with ESG Gaming.

Your decision to step down from the charity you founded cannot have been at all easy. Can you outline your thinking?

The plan was always, at some point, to step down from YGAM. That time for me came in the summer of 2021, when I tendered my resignation. Having lived and breathed the charity for seven years the time was right. You often hear in the charity sector of ‘Founder Syndrome’; well I was determined this would not happen to YGAM, a charity I absolutely love.  Additionally, I’m about to start my MBA and I wanted a little more freedom and oxygen as the focus of my studies will be around leadership in the gaming sector and sustainability, which would have presented a conflict for YGAM.