ESG Gaming at ICE Esports Arena for 2023

I am very much looking forward to seeing friends and colleagues at ICE 2023. This will be my sixth ICE show having unfortunately missed last year’s show due to Covid.

For ICE 2023, I’ll be based in the Esports Arena on Tuesday 07 and Wednesday 08 and at the ESIC seminar on Thursday 09 February. As always it will be lovely to see friends and colleagues. We’ll be showcasing our newest short documentary, Ironclad, on Wednesday 08 February at 1050. Shot on location in Dundee, Salford and across London the short documentary explores the issue and impact of digital and tech inequality on the esports space, seen through the lived experience of players and the broader esports community. Ironclad features interviews with the likes of KingJae, the David Beckham co-owned Guild Esports, Dundee & Angus College, EXCEL Esports, Lionscreed esports, and Esports Youth Club amongst others. 

You are warmly welcome to come and join this ten minute preview, which is one of a series of screenings we have planned in 2023. 

In addition I am keen to talk to operators, suppliers or regulators who are considering moving in to, or are already, in the esports or web3 space. Our vision at ESG Gaming is to ensure that consumers worldwide possess the skills, knowledge, resilience and tools to engage with digital entertainment in a safe, responsible, positive and inclusive manner. With our partners we are starting to build an immersive, virtual reality community, where game players, fans, parents and educational professionals can all come together to experience learning like never before. 

Consumers will be able to take part in a range of immersive experiences from fitness and exercise classes; mindfulness meditation; travel the world to emerging gaming cities; network in the esports café; learn of careers in the gaming sector; get support around mental health and player protection; trade, sell and buy gaming hardware & software in our market place and participate in immersive educational seminars and tournaments. We also plan to develop immersive experiences for professionals which they can use in the classroom. Finally for parents, we want to create an environment which brings the family together to have a positive educational experience with a focus on mental health and player protection. 

ICE is busy and there is lots to see, however do consider popping by the Esports Arena to not only watch Ironclad on Wednesday, but also I’d love to explore corporate partnerships with you and our non-profit organisation, ESG Gaming: Very specifically we’d love to chat with prospective corporate partners who can help us with (i) the technical build of our metaverse and creation of digital assets and (ii) help to develop and deliver a community engagement plan. 

To get a sense of our plans and the social impact we are striving to create, please have a look through our  Literature Review | Theory of Change | Visualisation document: Click the button below