Our approach to developing the EVIDENCE BASE

ESG Gaming will work collaboratively with Bournemouth University to extend the current emerging literature around gambling, gaming and esports. We will together deliver these two reach projects in 2023:

ESG Gaming has commissioned the two following research projects, which will be published at a Parliamentary Reception in 2023

Influencer-led gambling in gaming on streaming channels. Report Published Q4 2023

The aim of this research is to explore the behavioural (e.g. gambling activity) and environmental/technological (e.g. group and platform factors) characteristics of influencer-led gambling in gaming on streaming channels through both academic & lived-experience research. This research would be extending the current emerging literature on the role of gambling type behaviours in gaming and streaming.

A mixed method approach of qualitative and quantitative methods would be applied to understand the following characteristics of influencer-led gambling in gaming on streaming channels: i) Behavioural (e.g. gambling activity); ii) Environmental (e.g. social/group factors); and iii) Technological (e.g. platform factors). To explore these characteristics three research themes are proposed: