Personal Lived Experience stories to be showcased at BAFTA 

Sometimes in life, moments stop you in your tracks and cause you to pause, think and reflect. Last weekend was one of those moments for me as I, along with my fellow judges, viewed the moving, yet inspiring long list of ten films, shortlisted for the upcoming ESI Film Fest on 20 October at BAFTA, 195 Piccadilly, London.  The quality of films submitted for the ESI Film Fest were all exceptional, and everyone was a worthy winner. 

The potential of video games and esports to make a meaningful, positive difference to people’s lives is enormous. There are countless anecdotal examples of this, and not enough of these stories are told & shared more widely. Film is one medium to help change that. The ESI Film Fest will shine a light on those behind the screens, with a focus on stories related to esports and video games. The festival’s themes this year are digital inequality, diversity, and mental health, reflecting the potential of video games and esports to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives

ESG Gaming is committed to ensuring consumers worldwide possess the skills, knowledge, resilience, and tools to engage with digital entertainment in a safe, responsible, positive, and inclusive manner. In addition to this mission and knowing how challenging it can be to raise funds to deliver awareness or social impact around inclusion, we are donating a modest £10,000 prize fund to recognise and celebrate the creators behind the films. These creators have been brave to share their lived experiences, sacrifice and how they overcome adversity in their lives.

Many congratulations and thank you to all the nominees and Esports Insider for bringing lived experience in esports and gaming to the forefront in such an authentic way.