Sweet Cabin & ESG Gaming bring smiles to ESI London.

The countdown to ESI London at BOXPARK has now started, and we are delighted to announce that Sweet Cabin and ESG Gaming have teamed together to spread some smiles at the event. If you are attending, please consider visiting our lllooovveeelllyyyy bijou booth in the networking area for delicious treats and an opportunity to get your hands on some pretty fab badges. 

ESG Gaming is a new not-for-profit organisation that, as well as delivering social impact, wants to give back to the many organisations and creators who make the video gaming and esports sector unique. We have committed to donating up to 25% of our surplus annually because fundraising is challenging for any organisation or creator in this space. As well as supporting a couple of creators, we are proudly partnering with Esports Insider to offer the prize fund for the 2023 Film Fest, which BAFTA is kindly hosting. 

In collaboration with Sweet Cabin and other lovely organisations like the legendary Fraser Esports, ESG Gaming wants to champion player protection, equality, diversity, and inclusion through the delivery of our three principle products (i) esports for an older demographic to reduce social isolation, loneliness and bring together cross-generational understandings of ageism; (ii) web3 player protection information for parents and professionals and (iii) fully funded MBA Leadership programme in digital technology for women, and members of LGBTIQA+ and minority communities.   Sweet Cabin supports ESG Gaming with fundraising and product positioning, and Fraser Esports is supporting it with educational content and quality assurance alongside our other partners. 

Lee Willows, ESG Gaming, said ‘Maybe it's because I have turned 50 years old this year, but I have an overwhelming sense to give back to others and support people like me. We have listened to many in the video gaming and esports community to understand how we might contribute positively to this space with meaningful products that do not duplicate the work of others. I am super proud of people like Nath and James, who have chosen to come on the journey with us’. 

Nathan Edmonds, Sweet Cabin, said ‘I met Lee earlier this year at Sam & Shanz's wedding and since our initial meeting we've had some really productive and engaging chats that progressed into a core topic; how could we collaborate together to support the esports ecosystem I have grown up in and learned to love very much. That is exactly our core aim here and our attendance at ESI London is just the start of that.’ 

James Fraser-Murison, Fraser Esports, said, ‘Rather humbly, everybody will know I have developed a lot of educational content for the esports space. When the opportunity arose to extend this content to older people and parents within a web3 context, it was an opportunity I immediately became excited about. I am definitely looking forward to supporting the journey of ESG Gaming and working alongside their talented team’.