Our approch to

ESG Gaming will work collaboratively to develop, deliver, evaluate and share learnings from our emerging products. This will enable us to maintain absolute focus in our start-up phase, understand and learn from our impact. 

Esports Team Excellence:
an accredited quality standard for esports teams

We want to recognise, celebrate and showcase the esports teams that are championing and epitomising outstanding leadership in player welfare, equality & diversity, and safeguarding. Our vision is to create an externally accredited quality standard for esports team leadership. We will do this by working collaboratively with Esports Insider, Bournemouth University, City & Guilds and six initial pilot esport teams to develop, deliver and evaluate a meaningful quality standard.

The proposed quality standard will be collaboratively co-created by the esport pilot teams and partners. Similar to quality standards in other sectors, it is proposed Team Excellence will list relevant criteria that esports teams should be able to demonstrate they meet. For example, taking player welfare; assessment criteria will list minimum standards (such as player integrity; mental stress; resilience; diet & nutrition and personal fitness). It is then proposed that Esports teams evidence how they meet this criteria, which is reviewed and supplemented with supportive and motivational player interviews to test the evidence. The quality standard will be created in a way whereby teams either (i) achieve with distinction; (ii) achieve in full; or (iii) part-achieve. Teams achieving a part-achievement will be offered support so they can schedule a further assessment. It is not our intention to negatively judge teams, but to celebrate and disseminate best practise across the sector.  

Esports teams involved in the pilot will receive a donation of £5,000 for their participation to help to develop and pilot these standards over a five month period. As soon as the pilots are completed and a formal evaluation has been concluded of the proposed standard itself; the full evaluation findings will be disseminated for input. It is our intention to seek to corporate sponsors to support this quality standard, so the product itself can be offered at no cost to esports teams in the United Kingdom. 

Apprenticeships provide an achievable and alternative to university for many young people. We believe pursuing a career in gaming/esports should be within reach of everybody and we believe it should be free and accessible. 

Therefore we plan to provide a high-impact, in-depth, initial pre-apprenticeship training course. This initial training will last up to six weeks and provide a purposeful introduction to the gaming and esports sectors and the careers available; job readiness training; a City & Guilds recognised safer gaming award; personal resilience training, CV building & job interview coaching and a work taster / placement. At the end of the course, we would broker a guaranteed job interview to commence an apprenticeship with a gaming or esports company. We would specifically focus on the 18 – 24yrs cohort from under-represented groups of the most deprived 10% of neighbours in England who wish to enter the sector via a full-time apprenticeship. Candidates would be remunerated at the level of the Living Wage during their period of training, allowing them the option to purchase a powerful PC. All training will be fully funded and delivered at the right number of hours to ensure their benefits are not compromised.